Peking Opera


Xu Chengbei / Chen Gengtao / China Intercontinental Press / 128页 / Paperback / USD 29.95 / 2003-11

Peking Opera的内容简介

《中国京剧(英文)》内容简介:With a history of more than 200 years,Peking Opera is not a native opera ofBeijing, but a new opera type formed byinter-exchange between Hui troupe actorsand Han melody actors that came fromsouth to Beijing as well as absorbing themerits of several other operas popular inBeijing then. Peking Opera rooted inChinese culture is quite different fromWestern drama. For first-time foreignviewers, Peking Opera is hard to under-stand. But as long as you are willing toexplore and understand the artisticcharacteristics and cultural connotations ofPeking Opera, you will find everythingabout Peking Opera is so interesting. Onemorning, you might find yourself in deeplove with Peking Opera when you hearsinging of Peking Opera. This book is published simultaneously inseven versions in different languagesincluding Chinese, English, Japanese,Russian, French, German and Spanish.


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