The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Wordsworth Editions Ltd / 1993-09-07出版

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The Wordsworth Classics covers a huge list of beloved works of literature in English and translations. This growing series is rigorously updated, with scholarly introductions and notes added to new titles.

Set in 1482, this work is a compelling story of love and betrayal, brutal deeds and one of the most famous acts of revenge in world literature. The novel is set in the great cathedral of Notre-Dame and influenced the Romantic movement.

b>From School Library Journal
Grade 6-9. These visually appealing abridgments of classic titles make fairly difficult and complex novels accessible to a junior high audience. Virtually all kids are aware of Disney's not-so-ugly Quasimodo as the hunchbacked bell ringer of the Notre Dame Cathedral in 15th-century hang-'em-high Paris, and many will have seen some film version of Dracula. Massively trimmed, these retellings have brief, readable chapters; the violence is toned down and the eroticism erased. Competent illustrators bring visual unity to the presentations. Beginning with table-of-contents pages that feature portraits of the casts of characters, the books then devote a few pages to setting the place and mood of the tales. Two-page spreads of text and drawings are framed by related facts and illustrated with details from paintings, photographs, and even movie stills, all of which provide fascinating geographical, historical, and archaeological tidbits. These heavily illustrated books are guaranteed to give young people a leg up on high school and college English classes with their vivid re-creations of cruel, horrific, and romantic European worlds.?John Sigwald, Unger Memorial Library, Plainview, TX

From Library Journal
Hugo's standard is being reprinted to tie in with the Disney animated feature. Though the average kid is not likely to wade through this epic, Hyperion's illustrated edition is actually quite nice if you're looking for a quality hardcover at a good price.

From Kirkus Reviews
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (40 pp.; $15.95; Sept. 1997; 0-531- 30055-2): A storybook retelling of Hugo's classic of the lonely bellringer and his hopeless love for the beautiful gypsy girl, Esmerelda, whom he rescues from hanging and the evil archdeacon Dom Frollo and reunites with her mother. While remaining relatively faithful to the original, this version from Wynne- Jones (The Maestro, 1996, etc.) is always competent, but never compelling. Slavin creates lovely illustrations, but his pale washes leave even the most festive scenes sedate. The volume lacks power or emotion; adults seeking an alternative--any alternative--to the Disney film may find that this one hardly competes for the hearts and minds of the target audience. (Fiction. 5-8)

From AudioFile
Set in fifteenth-century Paris, Hugo's powerful novel evokes medieval life as it tells of the doomed love of Quasimodo, the grotesque bell-ringer at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, for Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy. Bill Homewood's vibrant performance captures the passion of Hugo's characters in his spellbinding narration. Whether he's thundering Frollo's lust or bellowing Quasimodo's despair, Homewood's strong voice reveals the emotions of the characters with skill and confidence. Fine liner notes include information about Hugo and a list of the classical music skillfully selected for the narrative transitions. P.B.J.

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