Webster's New Explorer Thesaurus
/ 1999-4出版

Whether the writing job at hand is for business, school, or personal communication, the Webster's New Explorer Thesaurus is the reference resource to use to find the best words to clearly express thoughts and ideas. Based on Webster's Third New International Dictionary, this up-to-date, easy-to-use writing tool is a must for every bookshelf.

  1. 1 东方朔向汉武帝讲述的岁星及其它故事
  2. 2 书社奇闻录
  3. 3 红瑛
  4. 4 犯罪分母
  5. 5 生门
  6. 6 人鱼不是法外狂徒
  7. 7 MacTalk·人生元编程
  8. 8 当爱情遇上房子