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With The Ten-Day MBA in hand,the hallowed doors of the top ten business schools can be opened without the huge tuition checks,without the competition.without sacrificing two years'time and salary.Steven Silbiger has distilled the material of the ten most popular business-school courses taught at Harvard,Stanford,the University of Pennsylvania,the University of Chicago,Northwestern,and the University of Virginia in order to teach readers how to:
・Read and understand financial statements
・Develop effective and comprehensive marketing plans
・Understand accounting rules and methods
・Manage your relationship with your boss
・Formulate corporate strategies
・Understand the present value concept
・Compute the internal rate of return
・Use quantitative techniques to evaluate projects
・Value stock,bond,and option investments
・Perform a Wall Street leveraged buyout analysis
・Obtain information on your competitors
・Recommend valuable operational improvements
・Master the most-used MBA jargon
At the rate of one easy-to-understand chapter a day,this book will enable readers to absorb the material,speak the language,and most impotant,acquire the confidence and expertise needed to get ahead in today's competitive business world.

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