The Art of Chinese Papercuts
外文出版社 / 1989-01出版

The Art of Chinese Papercuts
The attraction of the traditional Chinese folk art of papercutting lies in its
apparent simplicity: a typical papercut requires no pairits or brushes, only an
ordinary pair of scissors or a knife, and a single sheet of paper. Unique
among Chinese folk arts, papercutting's influence on other fields and its
number and variety of products reveal the depth of its roots in popular
culture as a means of beautifying the everyday environment.
In recent years, as a number of papercut artists have gone abroad to
exhibit their works and demonstrate their skills, both the interest in and the
market for Chinese papercuts have increased. This book is intended to
provide an introduction to the origins and history, the style, the themes, and
the techniques involved in papercutting. It is illustrated with more than 200
reproductions, half of which are in colour. In addition to enjoying the
country charm of the papercuts, readers may try their own hand at paper-
cutting by following the instructions given in the last section of the book.

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