What Chinese Want
Palgrave Macmillan / 2012-5-22出版
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Today China is a critical player in the global marketplace, but there is still widespread confusion about what really makes the country tick - even the Chinese have difficulty explaining their own "Chineseness" to outsiders. In What Chinese Want, China expert Tom Doctoroff posits that China’s distinguishing traits explain the country in profound ways, including:
*Connection to History: For thousands of years, the impulses and conflicts within Chinese civilization
have driven its people’s behavior and choices. More than any other nationality, they are driven by their past history as much as by their intense focus on the future. This manifests itself in a profound belief in their country's stability and an intense national pride that often drives business decisions.
*A Complex View of Morality: As evidenced by their sticky human rights issues, rampant piracy, and
endemic government corruption, the Chinese have a significantly higher tolerance for certain things the
West would consider wrong. Doctoroff puts these differences in context so that the reader can understand their nuances and impact on business and international relations.
*Family Over the Individual: Whereas in America the individual is a prized source of originality, freewill, and consumer choice, in China the focus is squarely on the family and the larger society. This difference can be seen in the educational system, entrepreneurial activity, and many other key aspects of Chinese society.From the new generation’s embrace of Christmas to the secrecy of industry titans; from the government’s meticulously incremental approach to currency appreciation to the middle class’s fixation with luxury brands, Doctoroff explains the mysteries of modern China for those looking to enter the market in a culturally sensitive and effective way.



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