Sexing The Cherry
Vintage / 1990-9-6出版

' A book of innocence and bawdiness, fury and joy... needs to be read and re-read'
—— The Times
' Read it and marvel. Jeanette Winterson's voice is startlingly original, and her imaginative feats are utterly dazzling'
—— Cosmopolitan
The Hopi, an Indian tribe, have a language as sophisticated as ours, but no tense for past, present and future. The division does not exist. What does this say about time?
Matter, that thing the most solid and the well-known, which you are holding in your hands and which makes up your body, is now known to be mostly empty space. Empty space and points light. What does this say about the reality of the world?
Sexing the Cherry celebrates the power of the imagination as it playfully juggles with our perception of history and rality; love and sex; lies and truths; and twelve dancing princesses who lived happily ever after, but not with their husbands.
' Simple prose shows the subtlest of minds behind it, switt, confident and dazzling'
—— Financial Times
' Winterson juggles past and present, fantasy and reality, to produce an original and rntertaining novel which invites us to re-examine our own perceptions of time'
—— Sunday Times
' Her stories and character levitate off the page into dancing life... A bold, bizarre and timely book'
—— Independent



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