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The Phantom of the Opera At first,l think it is a horrible story。At final,it strikes me that it is filled with love in the process but l ignore it all the time.I would like to describe it as a joke of a poor man.l have many questions about the plot as well at present,l will talk about them next and give my own explanation of them. First, why Erick(the phantom) kill a fool?l think that is not necessary and the behaviour doesn’t do benefit to him.Perhaps the fool happened to found the secret about the phantom so the phantom wanted to protect his security and he didn’t know the man was stupid.There also exist another possibility.The opera was taken over by fresh hand,just few persons know the designer of it.At the same time, the ghost was dying to attract the directors’ attention and get some money by making some persons panic. Second,how he sent the letters to someone?He is too ugly to see anyone.l guess that he would go out when it was night so that nobody would be scared by him.He was a good architect so he had the ability to dig some secret passages under the ground of the city.He had good master of building,maybe he held perfect tools to dig.And if he started the work many years ago.It is likely that the old Persian had help him to build the secret passages because the Persian was his friends and he was so pity. Third,how the ghost changed the voice of another actress?l think that there may be a hole on the woman’s dressing room.The ghost got into the room secretly and put some pills that can make someone lose her beautiful voice into her drinking.Then unfortunately,the woman drank all the bottle drinking,which makes sense. Last, why the phantom freed the singer and her lovers ?He lacked of love so much so he envied other person’s happiness and wanted to destroy everything beautiful.To his surprise ,the singer kissed him at the situation that he didn’t force her .He got the most precious gifts in his life so he aroused his kindness which was buried in his heart deeply and he wanted everyone become happy.So he chose to free the singer and her lover. PS:The phantom has pretty voice but ugly appearance,he would wear a mask and made his living by singing,that’s so called “mask singer”today.

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