Salvation lies within

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The study of psychology is the best attempt to understand ourselves

Why should I read this book? A collection of hypothesis, theories and therapists.

Because you strive to be a conscientious being, to rid of ignorance, to come to better awareness of yourself.

To be awoken.

Psychology is "The Dark Art Defence" that guards us from encroaching medias, advertisements and popular misconceptions. All the outside voices attempt to dum our thoughts and subdue our own concienseness, numb our feelings and in an essence take our lives and reduce us to machines and animals.

To be a free and independent human being takes great sacrifice, resolution and efforts

And reading this book is one price you need to pay.

To me, This book is a calling ,a dawning and a returning of adolescence wishes...


This is our bible

We find in here the comfort, understanding and solutions to our hard life .

A must have in our pursuit of happiness.

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