Flashback thoughts on the stories

2018-07-12 14:31:06

Hell Is the Absence of God: “ God is not just, God is not kind, God is not merciful” and He gives out punishments and miracles as whatever He pleases. So somebody tell me WHAT is the point of believing in Him? One might as well believe in himself than believing in an entity who can’t promise you anything including hopes.

The Evolution of Human Science: Pure thesis-like chapter to depict human science and how we should see human knowledge in a way that’s going to benefit us all.

Seventy-two Letters: Did mot understand them all to be honest, I wasn’t understanding the core word “name” until I finished this chapter. But I do acquire the info that they are trying to invent a way to make reproduction a unisexuel thing for women rather than between men and women.

Story of Your Life: Struck by the way the author uses in the part that the mother recalls her child’s fragments from when she is alive. The words he arranged are so deep and tender and beautiful that I didn’t recognize this was from a male author. And truly, the book is better than the movie but the latter did its best to impart what’s inside this woman.

Division by Zero: The “unprovability” of mathematical principles. If you think deep into it there is actually more worth digging.

Understand: The chapter that undoubtedly gives me chills and goosebumps. Can’t and do not want to stop when I was reading. Masterpiece!

Tower of Babylon: Love the part when Hillalum comes to realization that the world is like a SEAL CYLINDER.





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