A Love or A Hardship

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Armand has fallen in love with a prostitute named Marguerite who suffers from a serious dieses and because of the treatment and her luxurious lifestyle she had owed a lot. Armand is the one who loves her very much but not very rich. However, they are still determined to be together. But his father disagrees this and begged Marguerite to leave his son. Considering the future of Armand she leaves him by coming back to another man, which only raises his sense of jealousy and revenge! Only after her death, he realized how stupid he was for hurting his beloved so much!

What stunned me most was that love is so complex that I am afraid to have a try. The truth love may probably not be the one that suits you best. Take Marguerite for example, she loves Armand and so does he. But they can not be with each other forever for many reasons. Many factors need to be considered such as social position, wealth, their own families and so on. It’s easier to fall in love , but hard to maintain!

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