The Beauty of the Universe

2018-07-02 看过

I’m truly shocked by the scientists’ quest for understanding the universe over centuries. Isn’t it incredibly amazing that the law of the universe can be explained by certain sets of rules? The String Theory provides us with a whole new perspective to understand how the universe operates at the macro and micro levels. Scientists try to figure out one theory that could explain the interaction of all matters and forces by combining General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. But can String Theory be the theory of everything? Does there really exist vibrating strings, particles, parallel universe or extra dimensions? Will String theory that scientists have been working on for decades turn out to be wrong in the future? We can’t know it for sure. But one thing certain is that the every tiny discoveries made through the persistent quest will lead us better understand the mystery of the universe. I am obsessed by the beauty of the elegant universe. I’m curious and I’m looking forward to exploring the unknown.

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