Dear John Dear John 7.7分

Simple but touching

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I like this story, I like how simple it is but yet so touching as well.

I chose this book simply because I wanted to read a story in English, one that is easy to understand and ideal for killing time. And after I finished, I knew right away that it was definitely a right choice.

I love how simple the story and every character in it is while it still can tug at your heartstrings. I wouldn't say the ending for the two young lovers, John and Savannah, was something unexpected, while knowing exactly how the story would develop, that John would reenlist and Savannah would choose to give up waiting, I was touched by it anyway. But of course, if you're looking for something more exciting and intriguing, this is probably not a right book for you, as you may want to quit halfway thinking "well, this is nothing special".

Like I said before, I like the simpleness of each character in this story, but if I have to pick my number one then it should be John's father. Before I turned the first page of this book, I thought it would be nothing more than the love story of two young people, but the story started with John‘s life with his strangely quiet father. Honestly, now I can't even recall his name, I'm not even sure that his name was actually mentioned, so here I will simply use Mr. Tyree to refer to him. At the very beginning of the story, Mr. Tyree struck me as someone who's got a parenting issue and just didn't want to talk with or care too much about his son anymore, and maybe that was either because he was all about coins or he had so much more stories in his past which rendered him caring nothing else but coins, I thought so. But I was not so right, I kind of waited for more to be said about Mr. Tyree, like how his wife left him and how he turned into a coin maniac, and I was even getting a little impatient for his quietness and seemingly coldness towards his son, I didn't know why that "okay" was pretty much the only thing he could say, and this sure explains why John would get so frustrated by his father and didn't want to talk about coins with his father anymore. Unexpectedly, nothing about Mr. Tyree's past had been told, instead, Savannah found out that Mr. Tyree might have autism, then of course, it all made sense. It made perfect sense why he was such a man of routine, chicken every Saturday and lasagna every Sunday, not being quite able to express his affection or adapt to a new environment, he was all that simple, as if he were a programmed machine. However, this man of routine, a man who suffered from autism, was never unable to love. Mr. Tyree loved his son, though he wasn't able to give an affectional hug to John, he never missed writing a letter each month to John, he kept his photo he took with John, even though John had him put it away, and the coin he and John found together was the one he cherished the most. Anyway, socially-awkward Mr. Tyree raised John all by himself, so you see how amazing love is.

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