Forrest Gump Forrest Gump 8.6分

Oh we are all idiots arent we?

2018-06-29 00:47:45

At first, I thought it was a bummer. Every thing is so dramatic that nobody should take it serious or he/she will be a goon. But actually, it's not that dramatic. Just because it's not my story doesn't mean it cant be sth true. Gump is an idiot but every one is too to some extent. And hard it is to be as simple and naive as he to do the right thing. We are a little smarter than him so we prefer the shortcuts to simplify and fasten our already long life. But what it would be like if we choose what we really want to choose and do what we really want to do? Sure, we would fail a looot but that's how LIFE is spelled.

Another thing to mention is the love with Jenny. In the book, Gump decided to walk out of her and little Gump's life so they can be happier and more normal. A best and bitterest sacrifice I can ever think of. Gump is not an idiot on love but a giver to others.

Have finished the book with raining outside and background music from the bookbased movie, I was immensed in this omnipotent strength from Gump and feel the strongest desire to be a brave idiot like him.

And hopefully, I will.





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