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Life is not born for happiness.

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When reading this book, it did not touch me indeed. Maybe there is a reason that I did not read it carefully instead I read it as quick as possible. I do not know why I read it so fast, or, perhaps is there really a fast rhythm in this novel?

Interestingly, after finishing reading it, in the whole day, no matter what I was doing, most time painfully preparing for one of my final tests which is for English literature taught by graduation paper tutor who will also supervise this test tomorrow, I cannot stop thinking this novel, Fahrenheit 451.

Two stuffs I cannot get rid of: soprts spoil people if there is only soprts, and life is not born to be happy.

The first stuff is very funny that I never thought about. Mostly only the benefits of sports dominates people's vision, I mean common people, not those professionals, and thus the popularity of the gym is overwhelming. Of course nobody intends to make people who want to be more good-looking be stuck in the gym so they can achieve some goals like increase their thoughts and make their minds be empty, at last at the current stage. But it is really worth pondering. This novel has conceived this phenomenon by Beatty asking if Montag likes sports or not. Is it not that saying "All plays no works make Jack dull"? Maybe I mix some sayings up.

As for the second stuff, it just came up to me right now while my friend telling me her horrible new working days and the quarrel with her boyfriend, and meanwhile I being struggling with my test preparing. In the novel, Mildred, Montag's wife, discovers his hidden books and speaks that these books and thoughts will not make people more happier. Then Montag is bewildered and he talks to Faber that "Maybe they're right, maybe it's best not to face things, to run, have fun." Maybe.

So why are we forced to read, to learn or to think more complex stuffs? Most people keep wandering the meanging of life, and once when being asked, they, including me, will answer "For Happiness". Is that enough? No. Having read Fahrenheit 451, I suddenly realize that pain and torment in mental is necessity, just like water and sex. If not pain, then empty. All in all, although struggling in memorizing English literature is rather painful, it is necessary, for life, for human being, most importantly, for tomorrow's test! 😭

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