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Ch2 An odd young man (-P35) (Day1 - 06.05.2018)

John D. Rockefeller has a long, impassive face. “John was oddly self-possessed, already a boy-man, a model of adult decorum.” “the boy’s eerie self-discipline concealed a deep fund of emotion”

Ch3 Job hunting is my business (-P61) (Day1 - 06.05.2018)

It was unbelievable to see how young John D. Rockefeller. Sr’s job hunting. He treated job hunting as his business at that time: “I was working everyday at my business - the business of looking for work. I put in my full time at this every day.” His motivation retrieved from his escape from his father: “His perseverance surely owed something to his desire to end his reliance upon his fickle father.” His routine is so of persistence: “Each morning, he left his boardinghouse at eight o’clock, clothed in a dark suit with a high collar and black tie, to make his rounds of appointed firms.” At each spot, he asked to speak directly to the top man. His slogan was simple: “I understand bookkeeping, and I’d like to get work.”

Ch4 To fathom youthful Stoic (P72)

* In JR’s early twenties, he initiated showing Stoic traits in his business: his partners took over another investor with JR beneath the surface, which he considered “a great injustice”, but he ate it. “I thought it best to submit”(p.64)

* “From the outset, Rockefeller had to wrestle with the demons of pride and greed. ”(p.66)

* It was interesting to reveal giant’s injured pride, sort of my personal evil pleasure. lol.

* Until now, he almost had been the most cool-blood guy I had ever met. His sublime self-confidence, quiet authority, prudish honesty all combined together leading to an unblemished Christian life. “his antislavery views were representative of the prevailing views in Cleveland” (p.69)

* On Ron Chernow

* he really likes adjective. I would like to say I am not a big fan of his story line, nor of his description. It was so agitatedly confusing. Already tired of his narration. Power through this chapter. We’ll see what happened.

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