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The Trilogy of The Naked Ape Review

My habit is writing review in the language as I read. So when I read the trilogy of The Naked Ape (The Naked Ape, The Human Zoo and Intimate Behavior), I was hesitated to write a review. I’m not really excited to write in English, for it’s not my first language, and I’m not ready excited about these books either, probably because I read these books too slow so I barely remember the previous content. Anyway, here the review is.

The two conception of the books, as in my opinion, is human animal and super tribe. That is to say, the human being’s behavior is about animal instinct rather than the so-called civilization and culture. To some extent it’s not that bad as it sounds like. For animal behavior is simple, logic, necessary, and even elegant, following the rule of nature. And I already have some thoughts about animal’s civilization a few years ago, thinking that the animals like rabbits (which can build its own high way) have its own civilization. And from the suspicious achievement of astronomy back to ancient time in human culture, I think it’s the instinct of human when they are still animal. Like some bird can use star for navigation, the human being can tell the stars as well, and here comes the astronomy. To me, the civilizations of human and other animals are not essentially different.

So I’m not astonished when I read these books, which observe and describe human behavior in zoologic view. But this trilogy does provide a new theory- super tribe. The human beings were in small tribes in ancient times, like family, village or so, and they are evolved to be accustomed to them. When the society proceeded, the tribe expanded, and in modern times, the cities, countries and even global organizations appear up, thus make small-tribe men stressed out. The abnormity of human being is growing, the cold indifference of big cities’ residents, the cruel war between countries, the weird behavior in some sub-culture, the mental sickness, etc. all is due to the super-tribe syndrome.

That’s the new angle to explain the moral degeneration of human society, and a tenable one. For others try to explain moral from moral view, which only describe what happened but can’t explain why. This book provides a possible reason, that’s the value of this book.

Besides, the trilogy describes lots of interesting phenomena. Some daily-life details are scrutinized in zoologic view. Some are obvious, some are subtle and complex. Some can be utilized as useful information, some are just “interesting facts” or good-to-know knowledge. Anyway, this trilogy is worth reading.

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