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Why Shaming work/not work?

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Subject of shaming: If shaming the industry doesn’t work then we make the buyer feel bad and vote by purchase. But making consumer guilt is not the best approach to fundamentally change a situation or issue.

The easiest or most practical solution might not be the best one, or even count as one. Often it’s a seriously flawed substitution problem. Plug off phone charges for a year vs drive for just one second - on energy saving. And carbon footprint just cannot be undone. Citizens work cannot be consumers work.

Mechanism of shaming: to protect the norms. Nonviolent and could rely solely on threat. And guilt is the cheapest form of social enforcement.

Limitations: highly social context related; if the norm itself is unclear it won’t work out nicely. Individualistic society vs collective cultures. And in the long term norm ‘arc’ bends significantly.

Something contemporary to ponder:

1) social media are we using it too often; 2) self-delusion if not hypocritical behaviors on the environmentally good labels or designer bags.

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