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2018-05-07 23:35:08

Actually i want to buy the original book as a cherished colletion, even if i have read it and it is not cheap.

It`s a nice book and deserve to keep it , sometimes when you lost yourself in love or once you forget how to show your love to the person who you really care. and the book is right here for you to provide you feasible ideal.

peoplle is complicated, so love between people always has its complication. some people are gifted to konw how to deal with their relationship. but some of them just don`t. they struggle themselves to a lot of headache problems of relationship.

love is not something like work or study, you pay it and you earn it. sometimes we think love is still there , but we can not cheat ourselves that we are happy about this relationship, and we can feel the love is ebbing away , and not know how to restore it to its full glory. so if you want to have a fulfilling relationship, this book is going to be a very good friend for you

The book offer us 19 rules about how to improve our ability of love. this ability can be train to be better.

Rules 1 is ask us to be ourselves.

this is very important poin in relationship, do it or not will effect the relationship will make you comfortable or not. and i have to ask myself to be myself next relationship. becasue the previous relationship, i don`t feel comfortbale at all. just beacuse i didn`t have comfidient at that time. i always think that i m not good enough to match him. so i couldn`t help myself try so hard to become the person who i think he might like. That `s the hoop i will never end up

Rules 2 get over it before you get on with it.

another useful rules that i have been received. becaseu i m not that kind of person who can have relationship very fast. they can find a new partner as soon as they just end up the last relatinship. or even didn`t. but as for me, it`s not that easy ,i wish i could . but i couldn`t . once i invoved into someone, no matter how much i love him or how long did the relationship last. i will need sometime to lick my wound .

Rules 3 you won`t be happy with a partner until you can be happy on your own

Rules 4 you will know them when you meet them

Rules5 choose someone who makes you laugh

Rules6 being less than hundred percent attractive is a great filter.

Rules 7 Don`t keeping making the same mistakes

Rules 8 certain people are off limits

Rules 9 you can`t change people

Rules10 relationship are not only about sex

Ruels 11 anout time

Rules 12 don`t stay with someone who doesn`t care

Rules 13 if you don`t trust them , you haven`t got a relationshio

Rules 14 behonse while you still have a chance

Rules 15 Don`t play games,this is the most impressed one i have read

Rules 16Don`t tar your new partner with old bruches

Rules 17 check you both have the same shared goals

Rules 18 you can`t make someone love you

Rules 19 be crul to be kind





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