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Apparently, this novel by Yukio Mishima is influenced by Fyodor Dostoevsky in both style and content , regarding to its infidel episodes and abundant monologues. In Crime and Punishment, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov concluded that if Alyona Ivanovna, the pawn broker, is a bug(immoral human being) and his killing is based on his moral superiority. However, he has become a bug after killing this pawn broker and thus the total munber of bugs in this world keeps unchanged. The idea arised from this condsideration is the impossibility of justice. Every humna being has some sort of bearing on the injustice in this universe(no one is a single island); the exertion of justice from inside this universe is impossible since every punishment of such injusticve involes injustice itself.

Likewise, the theme of the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is the tension between beauty and life. Firstly, it's about your perception of beauty.

At the thought that beauty should have already come into this world unknown to me, I could not help feeling a certain uneasiness and irritation. I beauty really did exist there, it meant that my own existence was a thing estranged from beauty.

Then it's your confrontation with beauty.

Between the girl and myself, between life and myself, there invariably appeared the Golden temple. Whereupon the thing that touched my hand as I tried to grasp it would instantly turn to ashes and the prospect before me would change into a desert.

Owing to the alienation of beauty from life, myself is alienated from life too. In order to live, to taste your life, either you have to be put under the same destiny with beauty (the case of you and beauty being burned by an incendiary bomb), or you bring its destiny to beauty by yourself ( demolishing or burning it by yourself), which is enlightened in the following words from Rinsairoku:

when you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. when you meet the ancestor, kill your ancestor!...when you meet a desciple of buddha, kill the desciple...only this will you attain deliverance..."

After thus determined action, you are reborn and alive.





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