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I was afraid to continue when Gus died for every single line can make me cry! Years ago, I watched the film in my dorm, and cried almost from the beginning to the end. The whole movie has a sentimental background...

Days after I finished the movie, I bought this book online but have left it in dust for nearly two years. I thought about a lot of issues concerning with life and death. It’s really make me scary and shivering whenever being sleepless in the late night,especially surrounded by silence and darkness. I can’t figure out the meaning of life and I believe no one can do it,even the people who are aged or dying. So it is a really brutal thing that human have logistics and imagination.

Back to the book itself, it seems that readers can finish at least three books in one time-this one ,An Imperial Affliction and The Price of Dawn. Definitely this is a fiction, for no cancer bearers have extra energy or mind to begin a relationship. When my mom was sick, I saw some young people suffered from cancer and they need to come to the hospital regularly to have chemos. They seems like healthy people but you can still sense the feeling of desperate in them.

So this fiction, in some level, is just to cater for the readers who wish to have a pure love. But I really into Gus who is so interesting and memorable!!

Ps I love the way the author ending this novel! Leave you with so many possibilities!

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