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The Grey World

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The Grey World

------Review of THE GOOD EARTH

Pearl.S.Buck, an American writer ,growing up in China ,can write such a long work about Chinese farmer which indeed astonished me tremendously. she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature "for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces". Even some delicate sentiments inherent soley in Chinese farmers can be exactly expressed in English by her,which seems equally a formidable task for Chinese writers. Everybody knows the huge significance of this book,drawing aside the veil of China and representing a real China to the western world,where people scarcely had the right conception of China. And dramatically ,Pearl ,known as the friend of Chinese people,her books were once forbidden by Chinese government.

Comparing to HUOZHE,a book written by Yvhua,which shares the same theme of the GOOD Earth,this book is full of compassion and ends peacefullly.I still remember the melancholy feeling when I first read about the hardship in HUOZHE, and I could do nothing but gave a vent to tears.So after reading the less acute story about Wang Lung, I finshed it peacefully with a shallow sense of mishap.

My true feeling is this is a grey world. Land is the flesh and blood for men. And a guarantee of offspring is the whole meaning and obligation for women. For me , a modern reader ,it is insignificant and horrible.

This is an illiterate world so it is grey. When Wang Lung finally became a predominant man who was capable of being in possession of abundant good lands, he suddenly realized that he was so illiterate that paralyzed him to trade with those merchants in town. And this surely struck me because I can hardly imagine a life being illiterate. However it was true that in old times, especially for the impoverished farmers, they were extremely unlikely to get an opportunity of studying as a scholar. I can get good education so I thought I was lucky.

This is an uneven world so it is grey. With an ocean of people laboring gladly and pottering silently from dawn until dark, there still were so many privileged people idle around, just loafing. I respected O-lan for her extraordinary diligence and amazing tolerance. I pitied Lotus, a dainty creature, for her being a worthless beauty, doing nothing but gossiping and living with a prodigal lifestlye. Her inner court life must be lifeless. I can’t imagine the life where women can’t move out her house and just stay inside the house day after day, year after year. I can enjoy freedom so I thought I was lucky.

This is a patricentric world so it is grey。Ms Pearl used some words to describe how O-lan gave birth to every baby at length, but she didn’t express the growing of those children. So it impressed me with a delusion that every child is just like a good belonging to his father. They are incapable of making choices, let alone to pursuit what they desire for. And the wholly system of filial conduct is what children ought to obey. It’s miserable and inhuman. I can be an independent youth so I thought I was lucky.

Gone was the grey world, I am lucky to see the color of hope every day.


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