Learning history of New-concept English (2)

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Lecture 5

  • message vs letter (It's more appropriate to use 'message' in E-mails other than 'letter')
  • cover the dis

Lecture 5

  • message vs letter (It's more appropriate to use 'message' in E-mails other than 'letter')
  • cover the distance (a good phrase)
  • urgent (the quality of requiring something to be done in a hurry) vs emergent (something comes out unexpectedly, like a crisis that requires urgent attention)

Lecture 6

  • cup vs glass (you can call a cup made of plastic a glass, depending on the context.)
  • call on my telephone / call me at xxx-xxxx-xxxx/
  • call at the house √ / call at the house ×
  • on the street: somewhere along the street
  • in the street: on the pavement of the street
  • at the street: arrive at the street (maybe an intersection with another street)

Lecture 7

  • parcel vs package: A parcel are exclusively sent by mail, while A package is more general.
  • at is used for a specific location, while in is generally used for a larger area where there are numerous specific locations possible.
  • ago (counting back from now) / earlier (counting back from any time)

Lecture 8

  • enter a competition (a good phrase) rather than join in a competition
  • road is usually big, for both people and cars
  • path is smaller, and not for cars.(build/make a path)
  • win a prize for [award]

Lecture 9

  • 少用that, 多用it.
  • A bell is not like a clock.
  • city hall = town hall
  • second/minute/hour hand
  • The chapter ring is the periphery of a clock, where the numbers appears.
  • People gather under the clock

Lecture 10

  • musical instrument
  • strike the keys
  • shocked (very unexpected) / surprised (a little unexpected)

Lecture 11

  • go/come into a room, walk into is a little bit awkward.
  • pay back money
  • good-salary/ high-paying job

Lecture 12

  • set off = set out on a journey


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