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The audiobook is finally finished. I do not know how much I missed by hearing the book instead of reading it, but some emotions that I had when watching the movie remain after I am done with the listening.

I have much empathy with Clifford and, for some reason, hold much contempt for Mellors. His animality I find dull ang base. Lawrence’s attitudes towards the old England and the new one are crystal clear, and I know it is they (instead of blatant depictions of sex) that got the book banned. The bonding between an aristocratic woman and a worker is for sure horrid during that time in England. Yes, Connie is deeply attracted to the manliness in Mellors, but I hate that Lawrence sets up the lack of manliness in Clifford through his disability. That comparison is unfair and only makes me all the more sympathetic.

Lawrence is harsh. He uses animality to characterize Mellors’ spirit, yet he describes Cliffords as a “cornered beast” and uses beast-related metaphors to highlight his weakness almost. Nice play on the word, but you are very cruel, Lawrence.

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