Educated Educated 9.2分

An amazing and mesmerising read

little Alex
2018-04-09 看过

I've always liked stories in which the protagonist experience some sort of culture shock, and it's under this thought I picked up the book. Turns out I'm the one who got culture thought. I know there are children who're homeschooled in the US, but that the states do have some requirements on the parents. And not even having birth certificates seems really extreme. At least the father isn't a polygamist who is marrying minors and throwing out extra sons.

Anyway, after she got to college is when her culture shock happened, and I find her transformation quite fascinating. And to go to Cambridge and also Harvard, when she has pretty much taught herself every academic thing she knows is amazing. I must confess, I admire her drive and determination a lot. And yes, omg, I'd have done pretty much everything to get into Harvard or Cambridge (except work harder on my grades, apparently...).

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