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Dream+Reality+Determination=A Successful Life

According to those successful people, like the author Ray Dalio, Jobs, or other Chinese entrepreneurs, their dreams must be to achieve high grade of their fields. And their realities are that there are many opportunities they can catch with enough resources at their ages.

So my dream is to improve every respects of myself, like wide and deep knowledge, harmonious relationship, enough wealth. The reality related to the dream is my short of education degree which can give me a huge mount of time to learn and a broad platform to earn more money. With my present education degree, it will be hard to achieve my dream, because I can’t find great work and am lack of great human resources.

Defining my dream and figuring out the reality may be not difficult. The most important part is determination, which means firmness of purpose, that all the successful men obviously have. It’s not up to one’s genes, it can be developed by some ways.

From author’s perspective, 5-step process is necessary, including clear goals, identifying and not tolerating problems, diagnosing problems, designing a plan and pushing through to completion.

To deal with problems, Dalio says human can evolve from suffering painful problems and then reflecting on them. It means that I should treat problems or obstacles as opportunities to make progress. Every hard time I should reflect on it and find some principles to be set. For example, I reflect on my first exam and make a plan of my second exam, and it ends up with a successful result, in which every subjects have gotten a higher score.

To design a plan I should look at the machine from the higher level, which means I should be a practical thinker that every tasks I make should relate to their realities. During the process, I should compare my outcomes with my goals so that I can determine how to modify my machine. Such as keeping in mind both the rates of change and the levels of things, and the relationships between them. For example, although my English proficiency has improved a lot, it took me several years. Considering four years and my improvement, it can’t say that I have make an effective progress. So I should be more determined to learn it.

There are some rules important to me:

First, raising the probability of being right is valuable no matter what your probability of being right already is. When I attended the interview, I didn't find a professor to say hello and then I got a bad result. Though it may be not effect-cause relationship, it can strengthen my confidence in the interview or give me some advices, which may benefit me a lot .

2. Be an im-Perfectionist. Perfectionists spend too much time on little differences at the margins at the expense of the important things. It reminds me that I should not focus on making more precise answers in limited time when the first goal is to output.

3. Don’t make decision first and then cheery-pick the data that supports it. This rule can be applied to investment. I should collect information as much as possible and then decide how to invest.

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