Clinton Cash Clinton Cash 评价人数不足

A good read, though a healthy dose of scepticism is needed

2018-04-02 11:16:29

I have little doubt that the crooked Hilary and the lecherous Bill are one of the most corrupt and blatant power duos in the United States, but you do need to read this book with a healthy dose of scepticism.

As an example, it is allegedly a fraud that Hillary’s State Department retained Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to write an impartial environmental assessment report even though ERM had a long history of working for TransCanada and other pipeline companies. However, putting the prestige and calibre of ERM aside, in the business world a consultant's past dealings with company A does not necessarily disqualify it from serving as a disinterested third-party assessor in future projects in which company A is involved. I mean if that were the case, the State Department would easily run out of credible advisors on such occasions.

Hilary is also accused of granting the approval for the Uranium One acquistion. The reality is, Hilary alone was not able to dictate the outcome of a CFIUS panel which consists of representatives from a dozen relevant government agencies. Someone else must be equally culpable, if not more so. So the "credit" should not all go to her.

As ground-breaking as the book may be, beware of the conviniently omitted facts.






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