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Partha Banerjee: The mother of all books of wisdom of this planet. Reading this book itself is a journey which opens up so many unique worlds of meaning and bliss. I shall always consider myself lucky...
Partha Banerjee: The mother of all books of wisdom of this planet. Reading this book itself is a journey which opens up so many unique worlds of meaning and bliss. I shall always consider myself lucky that I got to know of THE ART OF I CHING.
Richard Stuart: The wisdom in this book is priceless and has helped me to grow as a person and become someone that I am proud to be. I am very grateful for this book's presence in my life. Very.Very.
Beau: This is my bible. To reaching a balance in nature- the higher power being the “great integrity” of all things.
Karen: It has been one of my most profound teachers through some of life's difficult times. I don't say this lightly: I'd recommend it for everyone.
Chris: The art of I ching has changed me--significantly and substantially.
Maureen: It is an advisor,and the ancient wisdom within its pages is very much relevant today. More than a book, it is a life companion.
Shawn: I knew I found a jewel. That's great and all but this translates it into a better more modern way of understanding.
Mark: This book sent me into real-life mind-bending mysteries and opened my creative channels. Loved it and practiced it.
Susan B: I keep it with my Bible. They are my guides in life.
Rachel Eliason: The I Ching is a must have in my library. I use it frequently and have always found it useful and insightful. It's quirky and has a mind of it's own. I love the I Ching.
Susan: There's a lot of practical wisdom in the “I Ching,” most of which asks that the reader slow down, pause, meditate, disgard their inferior qualities, and live up to their superior qualities. This book is a philosophical classic, for both types of readers:the ones looking for guidance and the ones looking for wisdom.
Dana: My friend, Miguel,gave me this book as a parting gift. I was leaving a life of mental wandering and physical labor and returning to my home. I read the book from cover to cover and it that someone who saw me reading it decided to point out the divination aspect of it.
        That aside, this book has had a profound impact on my perspective and how I approach each day and each challenge. It has guided me through a very bleak time in my life with its constant reminder of life's transformative nature and that nothing is stagnant or fixed.
Curtis: A book of holy wisdom and divination.I don't care to know my destiny, but each chapter gives insight into the mysteries of change.
Christine Miller: This isn't a book you can just read cover to cover - its an oracle - guidance -wisdom and it always gives hearty advice that is not like anything else I have ever consulted. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is seeking clarity and direction.
Flan: This book has been my companion since receiving it for Chinese New Year in 2018.I find its like having intelligent friends to discuss a problem with.
Melinda Augustina: This book is never finished. It is a constant companion. A very sweet and patient friend gave me my first copy of the I Ching as he was tired of reading passages to me, over the phone, long distance...ha, ha, ha...thanks Gary! More on this later...
Christina knox: I'll always be reading this, it might be my favorite book.I hold Chinese antiquity in a level of esteem reserved for little else.
Lindsay: Extremely inspiring and thought-provoking. This book really made me consider how I see a lot of things and how my life fits in with the “bigger picture.” I also found this book very helpful (believe it or not) with a rather large research paper I wrote on Chinese theatre.
Maja: I consult this book when I have questions
Vince: I've read this book two times in my life and I still for the life of me can't fully grasp the concepts of this book... And I'm loving every confused minute of it.
Amanda: This oracle is timeless. An amazing lifelong companion, full of wisdom, inspiration, and beauty.
Melissa: This is an ongoing exploration for me.

Sidhartha: This is only alive book I know. I'm reading it constantly or maybe it would be more correct to say am talking with it constantly.
Ben: I highly suggest everyone get a copy and use it to provide some perspective whenever you find yourself in need.You don't need to believe in any supernatural powers to utilize this. Its power lies in it's ability to be relevant no matter what - you unconsciously make it fit into whatever is going on in your life.
Charlie Rose: Really enjoy this ancient tool for guidance and assurance for gaining insight and staying on track in life.
Mary-Jean harris: when I first got the book and flipped through it, it seemed all fine and dandy, but although you can flip through the hexagrams. What you read from it is different for each person, and yet there is an underlying truth to it that many can read from it. It's not just arbitrary, but very relevant to what we ask it. It is beautifully written and can not only help us guide our lives, but understand the world we live in. It's an honour to be able to read this ancient text, and this translation is a wonderful place to start.
Rory Mckay: Recommended to anyone interested in - Asian philosophy or poetry; spirituality; the human condition; psychology; business;or anyone wanting a more peaceful, and fulfilling existence.
Jill: Without an understanding of the world or ourselves the text is rather useless. But we're all learning, right?
Atilagos: The book that makes more of who you already are became my "Bible", one that I will read for the rest of my life, one that confirms my ideas but doesn't tell me what to do. Perception changing, but only when you are ready.... and it's voice is always calming in the world of very loud nothingness.
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