Kitty had never ever loved Water

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Kitty had never ever loved Water,and it’s not her fault

没有彼此尊重彼此平等的爱叫爱?别逗我了!Kitty had never ever loved Water,and it’s not her fault. 真谛就是这个。爱情是这世界上最玄而又玄的事物之一,高贵品格没用,英俊外貌没用,家世才华没用,艺术品味更没用。三流肥皂剧才有华丽转身打脸渣男/女的剧情。事实上,从一开始,KItty就知道情人是个渣Water高贵有才华,就像Water知道Kitty是他看不起的草包。但是爱嘛,半点不由人。

I knew you were silly and frivolous and empty-headed. But I loved you.

I knew that your aims and ideals were vulgar and commonplace. But I loved you.

I knew that you were second-rate. But I loved you.

If a man hasn't what's necessary to make a woman love him, it's his fault, not hers.I'm not very well educated and I'm not very clever. I'm just a perfectly ordinary young woman.

I like the things that the people like among whom I've lived all my life. It's quite true that I've always been bored by you and by the things you like. They mean nothing to me and I don't want them to. You dragged me round those interminable galleries in Venice: I should have enjoyed myself much more playing golf atSandwich.

I'm sorry if I haven't been all that you expected me to be. Unfortunately I always found you physically repulsive. You can hardly blame me for that.

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