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purchasing your dream

2018-03-13 12:11:39
About purchasing your dream, how should we insist on it with so many hardships. Paulo Coelho gave us the touching, inspiring fable to tell us, just purchase your personal legend, all the universe will conspire you. Even it is chicken soup for the soul, but when we want to give up, when we are failed, it is a good book to choose.
     We are told from childhood onward everything we want to do is impossible. We can’t make our dream come true. If we want to try, even we confront the hardships we can conquer, but growing up with the ideas, we will say we can’t, just give up. We always want to live in our comfort zones, don’t want to change, just like the merchants Santiago met. He wants to reach Mecca for his belief and pray, so he started a crystal shop to save money, as years accumulate, the desire to Mecca has faded away, he just wants to dream to be there ,not move himself to arrived, he saw people come and go to Mecca, some people are poor, no money, but they can do it just for their religion. Why we should prepare everything and then start, just do it now as you want, cherish the present, live in the present.
     The second thing I learned is that love isn’t keep someone from his dream. Instead, love is the strongest support and the safest and warmest harbor. I remembered Fatima, who is the woman of the desert, after confirmed the love, she just lets Santiago go, pursue his personal legend, she will stay there to await him. She wants the one she loves to be happy and prepared to accompany him with her loyal love. That’s the love’s essence, the meaning of its existence.
     The third thing is that never give up, don’t fear the defeats we will meet on our path. The secret of life is to fall seven times, and to get up eight times. There is no doubt that we will confront difficulties and rocks on our journey made us give up, we want to stop, but just keep it as an idea, don’t put it into practice, because that’s the thing to test you, not everyone can achieve their dream, people just killed their dream, killed the thing they love. So hold the idea that the darkest hour of the night came before the dawn.
      The fourth thing I want to say is that sometimes we just keep our eyes forward, never heed the things and the people around us, but the alchemist let me know sometimes the treasure we have been purchasing is around us. Santiago decided to purchase his personal legend because of his dream, but at last the treasure is at the place where he start the dream. That’s funny, but that’s true. Cherish who are always be with you, especially your parents and your friends.
       Actually, I don’t believe the ‘maktub’ and omens. In my opinion, the Arabic word just like the destiny. Maybe I have no religion, I believe myself, not the god, not the destiny. Everyone can control their destiny, I believe everything in this word has their own legend, even the sand, the sun, the wind, just like the orders of the earth, but it has nothing with maktub.




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