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Individuals prefer to detective suspense class books, in recent years, the hot Megumi Higashino also read a few works, in contrast, to better reflect the Qingming River map password with Chinese characteristics, from the title of the book can be seen.
       What made me feel very novel was the emergence of Zhang Zeduan, the author of the famous Ming and Qing paintings on the Heihe River. Many times using the perspective of Zhang Zidei to observe the issue, it is indeed very innovative. The description of the characters in the book is very delicate, the character is very clear. Most likes as their peers Moer and Jade, very sense of justice. On the plot of the book is also very clever, seemingly unrelated to several cases, was actually the same big case, so that means of treatment so that readers are amazed.
       Returning to the contents of the book, as the editors suggested, on the surface, the "Qingming Riverside" faction prospered; however, the political situation in the Northern Song Empire was tightened to the extreme at the time of the project. Gold, Liao, Xixia, Korea limit the four countries, Fangla civil strife, the country is in jeopardy. "Qingming Riverside" is hidden in the Hundred and Twenty Hundred Dynasties Huizong layout under the auspices of the storm, between the pawns and pawns, ambush decided the historical trend of the big figure, a strange and heavy atmosphere, filled in the Ba River; perhaps Only Huizong Song knew that a bloody reign of the Empire swept across Hongqiao in the middle of the map. It is precisely because of this background that a series of cases such as the case of the Maailun happened, making people feel real and natural.
       If we talk about the shortcomings of this book, the case is not very complicated, some guessed the results, you lose the fun to continue reading, may be the first to just introduce it, always wanted to continue reading Several, frustration time not allowed.
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