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Zero to one?

2018-02-28 21:39:11

Zero to one?

What would you offer if someone asks you to define Technology? As for me, I had read it from the textbook from time to time and I can offer a boring definition. well, Peter Theil describes Technology as something that helps to create new things or helps to better do something. I love this is easy to understand and it tells me how Technology works in a straightforward way. It is not too academic and scholastic. It is down to earth, even salesman works in the supermarket could get what he meant quickly. This gets me in and then I dive into the first page.

In Peter Theil’s word, there are two kinds of work: one is copying and another one is to create something. Globalization is more relative to copying things and spreading it while Technology is more about creating, from 0 to 1.As it’s said in the book, it isn’t a record of knowledge but an exercise in thinking.There are two kinds of secrets: secrets of nature and secrets about people. Natural secrets all around find them, we have to study the physical world.Secrets about people are different.It is about who to work with and we don’t have to get a PhD to decide who we want to work with.

The biggest theme in the book ,as the title aptly suggests,is that ambitious people should strive to create new things in the world that have the potential to move humanity forward by an order of magnitude.Mr Theil is worth bearing out based on his resume alone, and there is logic in his central premises about monopoly and competition.

Read it and don’t glorify it.





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