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Saint-Exupery, according to the introduction of this book, is a French pilot with great patriotism and solitude. During his last task in 1944, he vanished from the world for good, which remains the puzzle for people all around the globe ever since then. His disappearance was somewhat like a little prince’s, as described at the end of the world. Some folks, therefore, speculated that the expertised pilot had flown to B612, a tiny planet on which the little prince lived. The little prince was written from the perspective of “me”, but actually on the position of a child, the little prince. That’s why almost each adult thing seemed boring and incomprehensible in this novel, including the king of arrogance, the conceited man admiring only the praising words for him, the geographer conducting his research by listening to others’ description instead of making field trips, the tickler drinking himself to the verge of nervous breaknow, and the lamplighter living in anguish due to the monotomous and repeating work he had to do. On Earth, he met a snake who told him that humans always rush to the destination without a stop , and a fox who illuminated him that if something was tamed by him both sides would be unique to each other, and “me” who listened to his experience and assumed the narrator of these stories. At the end, the little prince went back to B612, for he was disappointed by the adults he met throughout his journey except “me”, and he strongly missed the rose, proud though, on his planet. The work more or less reflects the authors’s cynicism of adult world. Vanity, opulence-seeking, autocracy and other typical characters of adult world are none of the author’s concern. As a consequence, he tried to pursue the innocence and purity of childish world, which catalyzed the creation of The Little Prince. It is the love for who deserve the love, not for materials with no spirit, determines the meaning of one’s life. That is exactly what the little prince wanted to do for the proud rose, since she was tamed by him, they were both unique to each other, i.e. there is a special connection between these two, literally a genuine emotion rooted in minds. The little prince is an embodiment of the author’s ideal, being curious of the external world and cherishing everything special to himself. It possibly makes sense that Saint-Exupery went after the little prince to get rid of the material-oriented world.

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