From Contention to Compromise

2018-02-25 21:40:07

As a matter of fact, I’ve read this novel a few years ago in Chinese edition, but that seems oblivious to me currently. So when I received the original edition as a Christmas present, I decided to read through it The title of the book—The Catcher in the Rye, originates from the lyrics the protagonist happened to hear, and the author clarifies it once more in terms of Caulfield’s dream. That is to stand aside a rye and watch if any kid run out of the rye and if that happens he will catch them back. The “rye” stands for the rural life, to witch the protagonist is looking forward. And the civic life, such as that of New York, is what definitely he disgusts about. In that way of comparison, the author tries to express the downsides of modern city life, though the whole story never includes a rural site. Holden Caulfield, the protagonist, hates almost everything around him except Allie, his younger brother who had already passed away, B.D., his elder brother, and Phoebe, his sister. He could be called somewhat a cynical guy. He just regarded almost everyone the phony, but just as he admitted, he would missed them soon after departing them for a while. This coincides with my consistent idea—the distance between you and someone will determine how the relation between you two varies. A shorter distance, in my view point, means a less friendly relationship. And that’s why I consistently keep a proper length, or I consistently try to maintain an appropriate length between myself and anyone familiar to me. Caulfield’s attitude towards life was more or less pessimistic and sometimes desperate. To be frank, I cannot even stand with his grudes and complaints in the middle of reading the story once for a while. Through molding such kind of role, Salinger illustrates implicitly the eroded lifestyle in big cities and how strong he is willing to return to the rustic area and be a “catcher in the rye”. On the other hand, the image of Caulfield is sort of immature, through introducing which the author indicates the dilemma confronted by most juveniles contemporarily.





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