Friendship in the Strip Pajamas

2018-02-25 12:45:11
The Boy in the Strip Pajamas written by John Boyne was a special book about World War Two.
The whole story steered clear of the description of war, contrarily, the story was focusing on the description of friendship among the leading character Bruno and Shmuel. Their friendship was in the strip pajamas and decorated with the fence. Two distinctive things gathered in the story led to a great contrast which made the whole story more gloomy and shocked.

Another reason why I call this book special is that the story was based on a special perspective – from the aspect of a naïve child, Bruno. He even didn’t know what concentration camp is and always confused about the thing happened around him. Here is another contrast – the boy’s innocence versed the barbarity of the soldier, which also intensively displayed the satanic human character.

So how these contrasts occurred? What depraved their human character? The answer is War. If the war hadn’t taken place at all, Bruno would live in Berlin in his five floors big house enjoying his childhood at ease. He might not come across Shmuel though and their friendship would not grow at all. But both of them would be what a child should be. In other word, the friendship in the strip pajamas was the evil consequence of the war, and such kind of friendship was to be a tragedy.

Nowadays, when we are almost away the control of war, the friendship in the striped pajamas is still to be reviewed. Like what the author said in the end: ‘I hope that the voices of Bruno and Shmuel will continue to resonate with you as they have with me. Their lost voices must continue to be heard; their untold stories must continue to be recounted. For they represent the ones who didn't live to tell their stories themselves.’ We should never let them go with the wind of time but let them known to our offspring. We should remember all the time that where there exists war where there is hell, where such kind of friendship will occur. We should not refused to mention the history but to face it and let it be history forever!




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