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This is the third book written by Grey, which is also translated by Fu. The book taught me more about Grey. He was nominated to win Nobel Award so many times, but he never won the prize. It reminds me of Cun Shang (LOL) .Many writers who have or had won the prize regard him as their idol. On the one hand, his books inspired them a lot, on the other hand, his unique experience did leave an impressive figure to all the people around the world.

Grey traveled to Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, Cuba and other places full or war, served in the British military, engaged in espionage work, and on the background of creation of the novel, concerned people struggle and redemption of the soul, moral and spiritual struggle of the heart, was recorded as one of the most outstanding human consciousness and anxiety writer in the twentieth Century.

He was nominated for 21 times, the legendary master of the Nobel prize in literature, had written for 67 years. He has written more than 25 novels. He is known as the twentieth Century master writer. He first won the Nobel prize in 1950, and in 1976 he was awarded the masters of the American Association of reasoning writers. In 1981, he won the Jerusalem prize for literature. In 1986, the queen Elizabeth II awarded the medal of merit.

Now, during the annual birthday of Grey, in Hertfordshire, people hold four days of Graham Grey International Art Festival, Green fans around the world gather here to participate in the activities to commemorate Grey. The man who wonder the exist of trust finally got his own form of trust in a special way.

Initially, people would like to trust everything, gradually, lies begin to emerge. And then, people dare not to trust people around us easily, sometimes even the people close to us, not to say strangers. The main figure in the book happen to describe a man who is eager to obtain trust from others. Maybe due to the job Grey had done, it is really proper for him to describe the inner world of the person. Meanwhile, the book reminds me a movie named “The General’s Daughter”, also presents the relationship between two close people, though the key word is “betray”, it is still the opposite aspect to the word “trust”.

Next, I guess books written by Grey will be published one by one, and I really hope the classic could live long.
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