what is justice?

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Though I have heard bits and pieces of the plot previously, it still took me by complete surprise. Absolutely captivating and thrilling, my heart pounding, I got goose bumps and can't help to hold my cat tightly while reading it. I did not guessed who did all these until the very end of the book. A big sigh when the mystery was finally resolved, and then there were many questions to think about.

The ten victims lured to the island are undeniably guilty. Their degree of guilty varies substantialy from negligence, mere heartlessness, to intentions to kill and feeling no remorese at all. However, some of them are not guilty by law, only in the sense of morality. The judge Mr Wargrave, driven by a strong belief of righteous justice, decided he should be the one punishing them. The question is who has the right to decide what justice is? Do all of them deserve to die? Not necessarily, in my perception. Is eye-for-eye really the bset sollution? Law maintains order of human society, so far it is the best order we have established. Nevertheless, they are areas where law cannot cover. what then? No single human being has the right to determine arbitratily another human being's guilty, even if he is a professional. Mr Wargrave administered justice, in his own perspective. But isn't that just as much as the crime that they have committed?

What is Justice afterall?

Hail to Agartha Christie for such a masterpiece.

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