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Do you accept the invitation from God

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This is really an interesting book where the author mainly describes the seven ways to acknowledge and experience God. None of the steps could be missed since each of it requires constantly building an intimate relationship with God, and gradually becoming more dependent on God but with great joy, love, and hope. Recommend the book to be read with your friends or in the bible study group, in this way, you could share your thoughts with them, ask questions see how they respond, having the big picture to see how God is working in different individual's life, and that it is going to be amazing.

1. Kowing God by experience

- knowing God personally

- knowing God through experience

2. God works according to his nature

- God can rearrange our thinking

- God assigns is far beyond power or resources to accomplish

- God will equip me to accomplish all He calls me to do

3. Doing God's will

- God will guide you, he is our map

- He will be the one working for you

4. Being God's Servant

- Be humble and obedient

- Be moldable and remain available for the Master's use

5. Seven realities of experiencing God

- Bible study in the prison, helping those people who are on the death row

6. God is at work around you

- when God is working, Trinity is involved

- p68 Jesus spoke several times about the God's work

- Watching for god at work

- when someone is asking about Christianity, God is at work

The pattern in OT

- God gave an assignment to a person

- The Holy Spirit equipped that person to perform the assignment

- The person was able to complete the assignment effectively through the enabling of the Holy Spirit

7. Pursues a love relationship with you

Karla Faye Tucker example

November 18, 1959 – February 3, 1998, was an American woman sentenced to death for killing two people during a robbery. She was the first woman to be executed in the United States since 1984, and the first in Texas since 1863. She was convicted of murder in Texas in 1984 and put to death fourteen years later.

8. Join Him in His Work

- you need to reach a point where you have no will of your own

- God-centered life rather than self-centered life

- How to bring Christians together? pg128

9. God invites you to join Him

- you must be living in an intimate love relationship with God

- God must open your spiritual eyes

- pg141 set BAD examples of prayers, why did these all self-centered?

10 God speaks to his people

- pg149 it takes 10+ years for David and Paul to prepare t act accord with God's purpose

11. Revised and expanded

- God is my hope refer to chapter 1the list of names

- My friend

- My guide

12. God speaks through Bible

- first, spend time in a love relationship with God

- God gives many messages and commands in the bible

- Holy Spirit will b.working to reveal the truth about God, purposes, and ways

13. God speaks through prayer

- how to build an intimate relationship with God step by step pg175

- what happens a.you seek God's will in prayer pg175 see how the importance of holy spirit that working along with you

14. Through circumstances

- God used circumstances to reveal His work

- Check this through the Bible, prayers and other Christians

15 Through other people

- Reflect on time and ways God spoken to you through other believers

- Thank God using them to speak to you

16. Crisis of Belief

- God-sized assignment always is in crisis believe, how should we handle?

- What are some biblical examples that God saved people who are in misery and helpless situation through their faith

17. Join God requires adjustments

- What adjustments is God presently asking of you? Do these include values? Attitudes? Actions? Relationships?

- Is there an adjustment God has been asking you to make which you have found difficult?

18. Requires obedience

- obedience may be costly

- need major adjustments

19. God accomplishes His work

- the affirmation comes after the obedience

20. Returning to God

- How do we prevent drifted from God? loss of joy, not hearing from God, the absence of spiritual fruit, loss of victory

- guard heart, surround with the Christian friend, seek to love God, practice to obey God

21. Marriage

- pray regularly with the spouse

- discuss spiritual issues together

- review spiritual markers together

- minister together

- give together

22. Children

-pray for children

- talk with children about God's activity

- minister with children

23. Experiencing God in the church

- God church, a living body, Christ is the head

- crucial for church member actively attend

- interact with church people, love them and forgive them

- God works during a time of sharing: students, business people, mothers, elderly

- one member suffers, the rest share the pain, vice versa

- God adds people to church for a reason

- Maybe God used your life to bless others-thinking about Willian

24. Experiencing God in the marketplace

- God places them in the positions for a purpose; to the corporate ladder and achieve financial goals does not bring the peace and contentment they are seeking

- What I can do in the marketplace

Lunch hour bible study

Share Gospel with colleague

Uses skills, experiences, resources, contacts to investing in Kindom of God

25. Experiencing God in his Kingdom

- Church sponsors mission trip around the world

- God uses people and his influence to assist the expansion of God's kingdom

- God loves the entire world, constantly extending His kingdom

26. Continuing to Experience God

- Regularly spending time in Bible study

- Involved with a church family

- Pray regularly

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