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Someone's comment on Amazon -I think it is so fun to read

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First, let me list the good characteristics of the book. The author is intelligent, so it's not extremely tedious. The author's writing style is also very engaging, and he doesn't go into detail about all his term papers. It provides a new perspective on law school and the law in general. That's about all I can say for it.
Now, for what I disliked. The author is a liberal and is constantly comparing things to a liberal standpoint and trying to get you to see why conservatives are like the Wicked Witch of the West. He is extraordinarily bitter when Bush beats Dukakis. I'm not stating my political association, I'm just saying that it's annoying. This is not objective journalism at all (the author has a journalism degree). Second, this guy is a whiner. He gets into the best law school in the country, and whines when he gets a B+. He resents his roommate for making Law Review while the author did not. He can tell from the first semester that law doesn't interest him, that public policy does, but for some reason unbeknownst to the readers he obstinately stays at Harvard instead of transferring to, say, the Kennedy School, where his wife is studying public policy. He does not spare any of his professors from harsh criticism, even the two or three he claims to like. He seems to be upset that almost everyone in his class decides to go to a corporate firm rather than public interest, but he himself comes within a day of taking a job at one of those same corporate firms. He also whines about how hard it is to find a place to work and decide where to go (he got offers from most of D.C.'s top law firms). Finally, he blames his law professors from his cynicism, yet it is evident from the first chapter that the author is a cynic. As he was writing this during law school, I don't think his professors can be given all the credit.
I would only reccommend reading this book if A)you are stuck on a deserted island with nothing else to do. B)you want to tell yourself how miserable you would have been there anyway after you don't get accepted at Harvard or C)to make yourself thankful your spouse/children don't whine as much as this guy and that you're not a lawyer.
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