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Too many people have become self-appointed privilege police, patrolling the halls of discourse, ready to remind people of their privilege, whether those people have denied that privilege or not.

The acknowledgement of my privilege is not a denial of the ways I have been and am marginalized, the ways I have suffered.

We need to stop playing Privilege or Oppression Olympics because we’ll never get anywhere until we find more effective ways of talking through difference. We should be able to say, “This is my truth,” and have that truth stand without a hundred clamoring voices shouting, giving the impression that multiple truths cannot co-exist.

I had been to Haiti, sen incomprehensible poverty with my own eyes, so I knew my relatively good fortune was an accident of birth.

[Racial Profiling]

We should be grateful diverse actors finally have more opportunity to practice their craft, despite the fact that Orange Is The New Black is diverse in the shallowest, most tokenistic ways. (wildly racist tropes)

We need pop culture that demonstrates not only the ways people are different but also the ways we are very much alike.

Western opinions on the hijab or burkas are rather irrelevant. We don’t get to decide for Muslim women what does or does not oppress them, no matter how highly we think of ourselves.

Most people are simply at the mercy of centuries of cultural conditioning.


Bodily obsessions is, perhaps, a human condition because of its inescapability.

an indictment of what ails our culture — rampant consumerism, shallow human connection, and, most of all, the cult of beauty and the unbearable and impossible constraints of gender — a culture where women wear their faces as masks, their bodies as shields.


...angry because queer people always have to fight so much harder for a fraction of the recognition. No one ever asks heterosexual parents to ensure that their children are models of citizenry. The bar for queer parents is unfairly, unnecessarily high, but young men like this one keep vaulting that bar nonetheless.

Tyler, the Creator continues to assert he’s not homophobic with the old canard of having gay friends.


Some women being empowered doesn’t not prove the patriarchy is dead. it proves that some of us are lucky.

In truth, they have climbed a ladder and shattered a glass ceiling but are seemingly uninterested in extending that ladder as far as it needs to reach so that others may climb.

… until the institutional problems are solved, no blueprint for success can possibly exist.


The plurality of intrusions on our privacy has the cumulative effect of inducing a sense of helplessness.

The abundance of triviality is as hypnotic as it is repulsive.

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