Laugh Out Loud

2018-02-01 16:23:32

This is an epic work by Adam Douglas published in 1979 and hailed by many as the best sci-fi ever. Despite its fame among readers I spent quite a long time talking myself into reading it because I had expected it to be full of obscure terms and solid scientific facts which I don't think I have enough brain power to handle. I'm not prepared at all to plunge into the ocean of physics and astronomy the scale of a galaxy.

However, it turns out that, disguised under the somewhat geeky title, this is a story that is designed to make you laugh out loud, at least in my personal shallow opinion because I just can't say how much happiness it has brought to me.

This is none like reading The Three Body Problem. When reading Three Body, all I was thinking was: there is some plot going on; who is behind all this; something has to be done to prevent the earth and humanity from perishing; which one is the lesser evil: being stuck in this imperfect world and having fun or being saved by an alien higher form of civilization......It makes you pensive and philosophical. In contrast, reading this book is like packing a towel in your suitcase and taking a journey with four distinctly interesting friends; however, it's not by train but on the spaceship, and it's not bound to the nearby city but to the other end of the galaxy.

The universe has always caught people's imagination. This is evidenced by as long ago as the ancient-old tribal legends and as recently as the untiring academic pursuits on the part of generations of scientists. The immense spread of dark blue night sky scattered loosely with twinkling stars fills our mind with awe and curiosity. Just think about it: those glimmering lights have traveled through hundreds and thousands years of time to meet us. When they departed from their respective planets, the earth might still be dominated by dinosaurs. Could they have witnessed the extinction of dinosaurs, the evolution of different species and the rise and fall of nations? If so, what have they seen? If stars can talk, it must be the most comprehensive encyclopedia ever to come.





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