Momory tampered, Heart lost, A feast or a funeral?

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I had already read most of Hemingway's fictions long before I begin to read his memoir.And I like Old Man and the Sea most for its simplicity of the language and depth of its wisdom. When I was still completely ignorant about what he was writing in this particular book. I assumed maybe it would include many successful writers and fancy Paris life, anyhow it was called A Moveable Feast, not named by Hemingway himself according to his son Patrick's forward, it does not make sense to me. Hemingway would never name it 'Feast', and of course he didn't. He regarded his first part of Paris as remises of his memory and of his heart. Even if the one had been tampered with his affair with his second wife, and the other one did not exist. It was nothing like a feast, more like an irrevocable remorse,a sorrowful funeral buried all those happy and poor years with Hadley, those years after he quitted journalism and started to write fictions, he believed there was undoubtedly something invulnerable between him and Hadley, but there wasn't.Or there was, and then there wasn't anymore. Then there was a broken heart and the end of the most valuable period of his life. Fitzgerald was amusing. A little effeminate and spoiled,when he was still alive, he had already lived a successful writer's life, of course that was long before his wife's mental breakdown and his own alcohol problem. I always thought a writer who was successful when he was alive would never accomplished something even remotely like greatness, and so he didn't.He was good, but not great as Hemingway. There are many aspects of things. Some said, he was ruined by his wife, some said he would accomplish more if he didn't drink himself to ordinary. In my opinion, it is difficulty for people to change who he really is even for the greatest mind, and everyone got his weakness, so Fitzgerald drank himself to death, and Hemingway kept falling in love with other women.

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