The call of the wild

2018-01-02 12:45:11
It should be a history of Buck’s growth. Once, he was a just a king in his realm, where he played with the Judge’s children and ‘bullied’ other dogs. The night when he was kidnapped by a gardener changed his whole life, then, the splendid journey began.

I have to say that I have the deepest impression on the man in the red sweater, who embraces the law of club. The only one way to depress the ghostly dogs is club. Under the policy of club, Buck, ‘the red-eyed devil’ learned an experience that you should win by wisdom not just by white fang. The experience brought him a wider world.

Later, he was sold to Perrault and Francois, who engaged in delivering business. Doing dead work with his mates every day and bullied by Spitz, which he chose to tolerate. But we all know that Buck two devils will fight fire with fire. He killed Spitz and replaced his position. The sled team also sought its upraising battle ground. Blood and force are the law of superiority.

When one loses value, you know, it is destined to be into the discard. Dave is an example. I wept when stubborn Dave wanted to pull the trace, though more than once he cried out involuntarily from the bite of his inward hurt. Several times he fell down and was dragged in the traces, and once the sled ran upon him so that he limped thereafter in one of his hind legs…The men ceased talking. A revolver-shot rang out. The man came back hurriedly. Buck knew, and every dog knew, what had taken place behind the belt of river trees. Yes, we human being is the most brutal animal.

The toil of trace and trail had made Buck and his mates worn out and worn down. Some malingered to work; some pretended to work hard; while Buck always spared no effort. He would do anything he likes, even at the risk of his life. He saved his last devoted master John Thornton from the rip currents. When John died, the last tie was broken. Man and the claims of man no longer bound him. The call of the wild increasingly immense, so he went to the wild at last…







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