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Docker Cookbook

2018-01-02 09:41:21
Whether you’re deploying applications on-premise or in the cloud, this cookbook is for developers, operators, and IT professionals who need practical solutions for using Docker.The recipes in this book will help developers go from zero knowledge to distributed applications packaged and deployed within a couple of chapters. IT professionals will be able to use this cookbook to solve everyday problems, as well as create, run, share, and deploy Docker images quickly. Operators will learn and understand what developers are excited about and start to adopt the tools that will change the way they work.Get started using Docker immediatelyLearn how to use Docker for large-scale deploymentsBecome familiar with other tools in the Docker ecosystem, such as kubernetes and coreosUse Docker in production, with recipes on cloud administration, monitoring, and common related componentsDocker’s new approach to containerization and its enhancements in terms of security, integration with existing development tools, and application sharing are revolutionizing the way developers think about creating new applications and the way system administrators might operate their infrastructure in the future.




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