White Noise White Noise 8.8分


2017-12-27 23:00:41

- a sense of uncanniness, postmodern-style, 2/9 inch from reality. but at the same time also a reality with staggering richness of texture; i not only can picture it in my mind but it seems i can touch it, like it's tangible.

- 摸得到的…

- 怕死。爱看孩子睡觉。研究希特勒。

- effortless sarcasm. effortless witticism. effortless precision in word choice. everything effortless. effortless greatness.

- powerful in the way it painstakingly tries to conceal its powerfulness and only discloses it when it's no longer containable.

- 把人吞掉的空洞感…空洞很重

- before u know it it has formed. before u know it has formed it attacks u. it attacks u hard, leaves u stranded. the only pitiful comfort u can get is from reading, making out words and their meanings. u r left with no choice, and u keep reading, where every innocent word u see is sodden with depression, in white noise, panasonic.

- the last two chapters is holy shit.

- it has brought me to tears. it has made me so restless and nervous that i had to get out of the bed and started walking around the room, holding the book in my hand. among others things.

- p83; chapter 32, 33, 39, 40





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