Genesis of Narnia worlds

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This is a book not only for children, but also for adults.

Two weeks earlier, I watched a documentary in regarding to the 20th anniversary exhibition of Harry Potter. In the film, J.K.Rowling mentioned this book inspired her in a way for writing Harry Potter. In this book, one of the serie of Nerina world, there is a place between worlds. In that place, each pool is a portal to a different world. That’s a fascinating thing to her.

It is a story of an adventure for a boy and a girl, a story of being good and evil, a story of the relationship of human being and nature. For me, it also readable as an children’s bible story. It mentioned how the world Narnia was born and what belief should be hold. Furthermore, I think it is because of the background of the author, there is something back in the early 20th century kind of old fashion in it.

I read this book while listening to the audio. It was a very pleasant reading indeed, because the reader read the book with very much vivid and changeable voice, which make each role has their own character. The whole picture of the pilot, scenery, facial reactions, actions is coming to my mind and unfold completely. It’s very much enjoyable when reading it. Highly recommend.

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