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Axiomatic groundings of understanding sexuality and gender

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Axiom 1: People are different from each other.

Axiom 2: The study of sexuality is not coextensive with the study of gender; correspondingly, antihomophobic inquiry is not coextensive with feminist inquiry. But we can’t know in advance how they will be different.

Axiom 3: There can’t be an a priori decision about how far it will make sense to conceptualize lesbian and gay male identities together. Or separately.

Axiom 4: The immemorial, seemingly ritualized debates on nature versus nurture take place against a very unstable background of tacit assumptions and fantasies about both nurture and nature.

Axiom 5: The historical search for a Great Paradigm Shift may obscure the present conditions of sexual identity.

Axiom 6: The relation of gay studies to debates on the literary canon is, and had best be, tortuous.

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