the return of the native

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The return of the hardy creation is the double self-consciousness embodiment.
Read the return of the native, hardy in his writing career, consciously pursued literature "reflects life, exposing life, critical life" proposition;At the same time exploring the self-consciously artistic innovation.The return of the hardy creation is the double self-consciousness embodiment.The story took scene, and love in wild, wild stick to the traditional custom custom residents, are the epitome of human survival environment.The story of the hero and heroine and wasteland, whether YaoBo relationship, the return of klingons, transforming wasteland, or wild swimming moss Sally boredom wasteland, get rid of wasteland, reflect the hardy that era of "modern" youth and environmental intense conflict.Klingenberg YaoBo promising young, returning from Paris, by the French utopian socialism full of good ideas originating intention, voluntary abandon prosperous world's troubles, a luxury and dissipation life, help the reader to create something in my hometown by bond offers, small began intelligence career, but first he was, is and his closest GuaMu and new wife opposition.By a quirk of fate, he again axon, then with eye diseases and propensity for his failure.The heroine Elizabeth and environment swim moss, is with YaoBo conflict towards another direction contrary.YaoBo is born in the world - nomansland -- toward prosperous return wasteland;Swim moss Sally was born in prosperous world -- nomansland -- intended to flee to survive the barrens.Although both of them are dissatisfaction with the status quo, who is beyond traditional custom, thought wasteland "modern" consciousness, but still antipathetic to each other.Such a pair of young men and women, mostly from appearance attraction, plus the misunderstanding of the first stage in each moment, under the impulses knot marriage partners, they married conflict is more intense.Fingers, this is fate by conflicts not only difficult to cut, contrary to comfort, but increasingly fierce, the final inevitable brew born tragedy.
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