Voices from Chernobyl

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I really like the book. I bet the original version should be even better.

I find myself really into some cultural aspect of Russian people. Valorous and heroic, if two words to describe. There are many stories about liquidators, the ordinary workers or soldiers who were sent to clean the exploded reactor. "If we had to, we went, if it was needed, we worked, if they told us to go to the reactor, we got up on the roof of that reactor". I think I really like and admire this kind of heroism. Very sad part is that almost all the people who went died within a few years after they came back. The last story was told by a wife of a liquidator. But when the wife once asked the husband was he sorry to go there? "He shaked his head no, and writes in the notebook 'when I die, sell the car and the spare tire, and don't marry Tplik.'(The husband was already not able to speak...)"

But this book is not only about heroism, but also about the introspection, although I can't understand completely. I probably don't dare to say that I can fully understand. I couldn't imagine what if the one I love most goes to this kind of mission and come back so sick and would die in a scariest way what would I think about this world. I also cannot imagine the feeling I have if I were asked to leave the place I've lived for decades.

Finally, I am glad that I read the book to get to know all these people and their stories.
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