Surely You’re Joking,Mr. Feynman!

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Well, it surely is the most hilarious memoir I ever read.

Richard P. Feynman lived a life in a way he wanted and made a great success unintentionally. He must be very confused by all the wining and moaning from our generation today. Why don't you just go and do whatever you love? Like how to hitting on girls in a bar efficiently, like learning to play drums so good that get invited to joint a parade, like making a job out of these pompous authorities and big shots by just telling the truth. I really enjoying the scenes that Mr. Feynman put himself into some totally unfamiliar situation and made a good way out of it. He was so passionate with everything he enjoying doing. With highly focus and persistence, the professor achieved many sorts of pleasure beyond one's lifetime.

More importantly, except for the extreme high IQ, he also expressed his doubt and frustration when it came to fame. He felt overwhelmed by all the expectation from others once. Such pressure was killing all the fun from doing what he love. He felt like he couldn't live up to the image of himself in other's mind. Then, sure enough, he simply figured it out. The conclusion is that we don't have responsibility for other's expectation. What we really got to do is to do whatever we love and enjoy it. All the reputation or fortune may or may not come with it. Even if these thing show up, it's just a by-product of you choosing the genuine path of your life.
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